Porträtfoto von Mark Veser
Forging sustainable futures with expertise and insight, integrating responsible business practices at the heart of the company.

Dr. Mark Veser

Partner, Head Climate Change and Sustainability Services | EY Switzerland

Sustainability leader, ESG expert. Family man, off-the-beaten-path traveler, squash enthusiast.

Mark Veser leads EY Switzerland’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services, a team dedicated to advancing sustainability in business and enhancing non-financial reporting. Recognized as an expert in ESG, Mark steers the sustainability assurance working group of EXPERTsuisse, influencing policies and best practices across the industry.

At EY, Mark Veser has ascended through various leadership roles, significantly impacting the firm's sustainability advisory and assurance strategies. His extensive career within the firm is distinguished by spearheading purpose-driven projects in climate risk, carbon accounting, and sustainable finance for globally recognized corporations. Prior to his current role, Mark amassed two decades of advisory experience, concentrating on sustainability and environmental stewardship, and has been a key figure in implementing strategic initiatives that promote corporate responsibility and ecological awareness.

Academically, Mark is grounded in a strong educational background, with a PhD that delves into strategic stakeholder management and a master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Zurich. This blend empowers him to lead with a perspective that extends beyond the corporate sphere, advocating for a sustainable future that aligns business success with the global well-being.

How Mark is building a better working world

Mark Veser is sculpting a better working world by personalizing ESG strategies to each client’s unique landscape. His tailored approaches on climate and sustainability are transforming how businesses impact the environment and society. Mark is renowned for his collaborative approach, naturally imparting wisdom that paves the way for up-and-coming professionals to thrive in sustainability. His guidance in the workplace serves as an inspiration, nurturing a culture where responsible business leadership can flourish.

Mark’s initiatives in non-financial reporting are setting new standards, ensuring transparency and accountability become cornerstones of industry practices. His work not only steers businesses towards ecological and social stewardship but also instills a culture where sustainability is synonymous with success.

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