Photographic portrait of Alex Jiang
China’s commitment to relax inbounds restrictions in structure, location, services scope for FIs will facilitate exchanges of ideas and interaction between Chinese and international institutions.

Alex Jiang

EY Japan Business Services Leader, Greater China Financial Services

Ambassador between Chinese financial institutions and the global community. Trusted advisor focused on China’s opening-up and financial reforms. Family man. Golf fan.

Alex is the Japan Business Leader in financial services sector of EY Greater China. He is also serving several large Japanese, US and Europe-based financial institutions as the Account Leader in Asia-Pacific and China.

Alex established trustful working relationship with various Chinese regulators. As advisor of Chinese financial regulators and local governments, he offers advice on China’s financial reforms and the establishment of financial center. In the wave of China’s further opening-up in the financial sectors, Alex is the leading Partner providing insights to clients and has issued a series of thought leadership reports to the global community.

Alex is a Certified Public Accountant, recognized by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Alex has a strong international academic education background, including Bachelor’s in International Management (BA-IM) from Shanghai University, Master’s in International Public Policy (MIPM) from Osaka University. He also studied in Kyoto University and completed an Executive Program in Harvard University.

How Alex is building a better working world

“In my work with clients and stakeholders, I am passionate about serving as an ambassador between China and the international community. I believe a better working world could be established on the basis of mutual understanding and trust. I am happy to become an active promoter for this win-win relationship.”

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