Photographic portrait of Andrew Fuh
Given the unpredictability in the inter-national economy, corporations should enhance flexibility to encounter the uncertainties. EY Taiwan always works hand in hand with clients to provide professional supports across the global.

Andrew Fuh

EY Taiwan Managing Partner

Sophisticated in assurance services and advisory services for financial in-dustry.

Office Taipei

Andrew Fuh is the Managing Partner of Ernst & Young.

Since joining the firm in 1988, Andrew has accumulated extensive experience in assurance, serving clients from various industries and countries.

He has solid international experience and was the Leader of Japanese Business Services of Ernst & Young. He used to work in Ernst & Young Boston as a Senior Auditor.

Andrew is sophisticated in assurance services and advisory services for financial and insurance industries. This includes leading numerous M&A deals in the insurance industries.

Andrew is the Master of Accounting of National Taiwan University.

How Andrew is building a better working world

Contributing his extensive experience, Andrew is devoted to support industry development. He is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Taipei City CPA Association. He also serves as the Director of United Way of Taiwan, attributing his profession to philanthropy.

Andrew also attributes his professional knowledge in financial industry to serve as member of related associations include Managing Supervisor of MAPECT, Director of Taiwan Corporate Governance Association and the Supervisor Convener of Monte Jade Taiwan.

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