A tailor-made software solution for key automotive players: dealers, importers, used car dealers and leasing companies.

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lead2car CRM solution

lead2Car is a program developed on the CRM basis (Customer relationship management), which is a system that is used across disciplines to streamline processes and work with customers. Dealers and importers mainly collaborated on the development, however lead2car is perfectly suited for used car dealers and leasing companies as well.

lead2car will become your daily assistant.

  • Effective business management

    In other words, not another day without lead2Car. 

    All important data is available in real-time in one place.

    Lead2car contains pre-prepared Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for managing customer relationships, which are displayed within one system, the lead2car interface. Every indicator is paired with a visualization which allows you to easily compare reality to plans, additionally, you can also choose to compare current periods with past-periods.

    Monitoring the effectiveness of your business is only done to the depths that you select. For example, in a few clicks you can monitor any current business case, how a certain employee is doing or in which particular phase you lose customers.

  • Better collaboration with customers

    In other worlds, more loyal customers.

    Lead2car doesn’t only think about potential customers, but also current customers. Our solution places great importance on maintaining current customers and creating lasting relationships.

    Our solution easily identifies active and non-active customers. You can clearly see how often your customer visits your services, their hobbies, how many contracts they have, what is the average contract value etc.

    Furthermore, you can filter customers using various parameters. Meaning that you can target a certain type of customer, for example customers with specific interests or spending habits. You can easily export these filtered lists of customers into Microsoft Excel, either for marketing agencies to use, or for a more in-depth analysis and familiarization with your customers. This increases a marketing campaign's effectiveness and helps lower your budgets. 

  • Automation of processes

    In other words, less admin.

    Our solution lead2car has a wide array of automatic processes across all business lines, they are developed with time-saving in mind and enabling your employees to spend more time on the main focus, the customer.

    Tasks are automatically generated for your employees, meaning that a situation such as forgetting to contact a potential client after sending an offer will not happen.

    Lead2car also monitors and automatically alerts client anniversaries, such as birthdays, celebrations, contracts ending, etc.

  • Easy integration to current systems

    In other words, no additional worries. 

    The CRM solution lead2car easily integrates into your currently used systems. Linking with your websites, social media and call centers will not be a problem. 

    In the case of a dealer, it is also possible to connect to Dealer Management Systems (DMS).

    Lead2car is also interconnected with Microsoft Outlook, which allows you to create a client card in a familiar e-mail setting.

    Not only that, lead2car is interconnected with other Microsoft programs, such as Word, OneNote and Teams, which you are used to working with.

lead2car includes a range of features.

  • Primary functions

    • Clearly compiled data - various information about clients from various systems automatically integrate into lead2car, where they are chronologically and systematically sorted and stored into individual client files.
    • Interconnection of data from dealer and importer's systems - the software can be interconnected with systems that you frequently use, which makes for efficient data exchange and easier work.
    • Managing according to sales processes - the whole sales process is preset step by step so that the seller knows what they have to do in each phase, the system congruently gives suggestions so that no step is forgotten in order to ensure a successful business transaction.
    • The creation of dynamic reports and dashboards - the software offers predetermined dynamic reports and dashboards on the base of key performance indicators and thanks to intuitive solutions you can easily add more of your own reports compiled from parameters that you chose such as: certain customers, vehicles, periods, business situations, employees etc. 
    • Customer prioritization - for every customer it is possible to preset a level of priority, a high priority will dictate the software to automatically remind the emlpoyee to contact the customer on their anniversary days (car buying anniversary, birthdays, etc.), a low priority will automatically send individualized messages to the customer. 
    • The company's organizational chart - the ability to create a hierarchy of fleet customers ensures the possibility of better customer service
    • A sophisticated GDPR module - the solution has an implemented module that guarantees adherence to GDPR rules; this means that you will know if the customer agreed to be contacted etc. 
    • A register of customers in one click - the program will show you all customers in "one click", additionally, with a second click detailed data about a specific client will be shown. 
    • Monitoring of key performance indicators - KPIs are preset in the program, including their level of completion. The system itself will notify you if you are above or below the plan in real time, or according to a chosen time frame, all of which is show in dynamic graphs for managerial use.
  • Customer-oriented staff

    • A perfect overview of the customer in one place – all information about the customer are shown clearly and collated in one place - meaning that you do not need to switch between systems if there is a change in the data
    • A complex register of interactions with the customer in one place – within the overview of the customer there will be a register of all interactions that took place with the given customer
    • VIP Customers – the system also considers VIP customers, which are automatically detected according to certain criteria (ex: spending, amount of contracts, etc.)
    • Scanning of invoices, ID cards and drivers licenses – manual data entry often results in mistakes and typos, therefore we implemented a function which requires you to simply scan the documents and the data is automatically stored in the client's files 
    • Expanding an e-mail client – if you directly access or create client's card in Microsoft Outlook, the data is then transferred to lead2car
    • Interests and hobbies – into the client card you can also record their hobbies which assist in building good customer relations
    • Family relations – you can also start building this aspect for long-term relationships with customers, lead2car allows you to note this
    • Current customer documentation – complete documentation about the customer is available directly from their client card
    • Test drives – planning capacities and managing the whole process of test drives is really easy thanks to lead2car- with a few clicks you document all relevant information, which are automatically added into the client card, and into the card of the demo vehicle, including kilometers driven and other metrics, additionally planning test drives is done within Microsoft Outlook
    • Role differentiation – our software, in its primary setting, is able to identify individual roles (dealers, used car dealers, leasing companies, and importers) on the basis of which it only shows relevant information- for example, salespeople only see their customers and tasks, whilst sales managers see KPIs of their subordinates, and lead2car enables them to make changes and add tasks.
    • Automatic sorting of leads (potential clients) – systems in which you have contact information can be connected to lead2car, potential clients are then automatically segregated into individual categories of demands (new cars, used cars, service…) for example, if a customer fills out a form within a configurator, the information is sent to lead2car which immediately dictates that the customer is interested in a new car. The customer's subject of interest can also be filled in directly in the Microsoft Outlook e-mail system.
    • Identification of calling customers – the call center system automatically detects saved phone numbers of currect clients, it immediately opens their client card, and the seller can immediately call upon the client with their name and details. Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 lead2car can additionally be connected to employee phone numbers- every phone call will then link to the profile of the given client
    • Decoding VIN/ model key for selected brands – all you need to do is put the VIN code into the system, which automatically identifies the car, no additional information is needed
    • Deactivating vehicles when their owner changes – if the owner of the vehicle changes, the change is done easily by changing data about the car's owners and the vehicle's history is saved for the next owner
    • Register of accessories – in the client card you can clearly and chronologically see all the purchased accessories by the customer, which allows the salesperson to have an interest of customer satisfaction, or to offer other related products
    • Identifying leasing company cars – with these vehicles lead2car pairs the driver of the certain car and allows targeted marketing for the driver with direct contact
    • Tracking fleet registrations – based on data aggregators the program is able to find out which company has which cars registered, including information of when the registration occurred, which helps with identifying opportunities of fleet customers
    • Logging offer versions – various histories of offers are stored chronologically and are disposable at all times, thanks to which you can alter your approaches to clients for future interactionsLogging offer versions- various histories of offers are stored chronologically and are disposable at all times, thanks to which you can alter your approaches to clients for future interactions
    • Task setting  lead2car offers three options:
      • Every employee can create their own tasks
      • Managers set tasks to their teams
      • Automatically generated tasks- the program automatically generates tasks to target customers, based on their personal anniversaries (birthdays, contract start/end, etc.)
    • Automatic distribution of client communication – whichever client anniversary, the system automatically sends messages or adds tasks to the responsible employee for direct communication
    • Planning of meetings – all you have to do is fill in a few boxes and a meeting with a new or current client will automatically record in the salespersons calendar and into the client's card
  • Marketing and Sales

    • The creation of marketing campaigns – lead2car has been equipped for such a task: all you have to do is set the name of the campaign, milestones and choose a segment according to criteria (spend, hobbies, car type, etc.) the software then continuously reviews the campaign, meaning you don’t have to spend time creating reports manuallyl.
    • Automatic segmentation of customers into individual steps of the customer path – you will gain a clear understanding of which phase of sales you lose customers, which phase do most purchase in and you will see individual activities that should be accomplished in a given step, to ensure a successful business deal. 
    • Connectivity to social media – lead2car is able to connect to social media and automatically collect and sort information about potential customers.
    • Easy segmentation of customers – sorting customers according to various parameters (age, hobbies, spend etc.) will allow you to understand your clients, which aids with targeted marketing campaigns.
    • Embedded artificial intelligence – a function which identifies the customer itself, and automatically selects a time to contact them, what type of offer to send to them an which marketing tool works best.
    • Customer satisfaction surveys – after purchasing a vehicle or a service visit, the customer automatically receives a satisfaction survey, the results are then automatically compiled into a graph to analyse.

Our solution works on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform

The use of Microsoft means that lead2car will always be an updated solution that won't become outdated.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows the interconnectivity to many programs that you are used to working with, see a few examples below:

See for yourself how easy it is to work with lead2car.

The video briefly introduces the lead2car interface and its main features.


 If you haven’t found the answer you were looking for, please contact us, we will be happy to help.
  • What more does lead2car offer as opposed to DMS?

    DMS systems tend to be very robust but not completely fit for working with customers. Lead2car uses important data from DMS and enables significantly easier work with individual records, which leads to easier customer relationship management with potential and , importantly, current customers.

    Our software offers:

    • The ability to "de-duplicate" data
    • Access from mobile devices, which is useful when working away from the desk and on test drives
    • Easy overview of approvals for data regulations in relation to GDPR
    • Creating, setting and monitoring the fulfillment of tasks
    • Simple management of test drives
    • Visualizations in real time thanks to which you immediately know how much a given customer spends or how successful you are in relation to sale plans

    Additionally, many processes are automised, which takes pressure off employees in their daily tasks and the running of the business. This is achieved very easily and from one place.

  • Is it possible to implement lead2car on any DMS solution?

    Yes. Lead2car is compatible with any DMS solution. 

  • How long does lead2car implementation take?

    Within 1 month from finalizing the contract. If there is a need to develop tailor-made functions, then the implementation period takes roughly two to three months, this depends on the number and complexity of requirements. 

  • What impact will lead2car have on my revenues?

    Upward of 10% improvements. It depends on how you implement lead2car's potential in your work. All of our customers confirmed that within the first few months they surpassed 10%, which is definitely a reason to consider implementing lead2car. 

  • How much time can the solution save amongst various positions?

    To put it simply: a lot. We cannot calculate exact minutes and hours partly due to the fact that different customers implement lead2car for different reasons. However, let's look at the most important facts:

    • The time saved is visible in all business functions thanks to automated processes and the accessibility of data in one place
    • Lead2car not only saves time for people who work with customers, but also for owners and managers of companies. 
    • Sellers will finally clearly see in which phase of sales their customers are, and in which they lose the most customers and how many of them successfully complete a sale
    • Managers and owners will save time thanks to the easy setting and reviewing of tasks, automatic report creations and clear graphs in Microsoft Power BI
  • How much does the solution cost?

    The price of the CRM solution lead2car is separated in two parts:

    1. Initial implementation
      • The price starts at 15 thousand EUR and includes the integration of the lead2car system including the implementation to currently used systems, testing and also training of staff. 
      • The prices vary depending on the complexity of the solution.
    2. Monthly operating costs
      • The price starts at 300 EUR per month for one business
      • The amount depends on the level of user support and amount of employees that work with the program

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