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A flexible end-to-end solution that helps optimize processes, improves customer service and better manages data in various situations.

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Our goal is to help clients across various sectors to streamline their operations and reduce costs, as well as to increase the productivity and satisfaction of their employees and customers.

Petr Čivrný, Partner Technology Consulting EY


WorkEY is a user-friendly platform that enables the automation of repetitive tasks, work scheduling and improved team collaboration. This helps to reduce your operational costs, increases your productivity and makes your employees, and your customers, more satisfied.

From HR to the field: WorkEY makes work easier for everyone

Thanks to its high flexibility, the WorkEY platform is suitable for any company, regardless of its sector. It can also help any department, and always with exactly what your colleagues need - from managing finance and accounting to organizing field workers.

  • HR

    WorkEY will help with the automation of the recruitment process, including searching for suitable candidates and evaluating their CVs. It will also create automated processes to integrate new employees into the company and plan their further development. It also centralizes and secures all the data the company keeps on its employees.

  • Sales teams

    WorkEY will help sales teams centralize your customer information and streamline your customer relationship tracking. It can automate all sales processes, including the preparation of the necessary documentation.

  • Field service

    Colleagues in the field will certainly welcome the possibility of planning trips and assigning staff to individual tasks. In addition, the WorkEY mobile app allows them to access detailed information about the order or warehouse status while on the road and communicate with dispatchers or customers.

  • Finance

    WorkEY provides sophisticated financial data analysis tools. It also facilitates the creation and management of invoices and payment tracking.

WorkEY modules

The high modularity of the platform allows modules to be implemented individually, in a selected set or as a complete unit. All of this according to the specific use case.

The WorkEY Workflow Management module increases the efficiency of the back office. It contains a unified queue that centralizes all work tasks. The process editor quickly configurates the platform according to the company's current requirements, which overcomes the problems caused by inefficient processes.

Problems that the WorkEY Workflow Management module solves:

  • Loss of efficiency in the back office due to uncoordinated processes.
  • The need for quick and flexible setting of processes in the company.

The WorkEY Sales module focuses on customer relationship management (CRM). It offers pre-built processes for different industries, integrates omnichannel communication and ensures fast quote creation with automatic calculations. It also enables online confirmation of quotes and generation of contracts and documents, helping WorkEY Sales to minimize errors and speed up processes.

Problems that WorkEY Sales solves:

  • Insufficient management of contacts and customer information
  • Slow process of creating offers and contracts
  • Risk of errors in bid calculations

The WorkEY Automation module provides process automation, including the generation of various types of documents. It includes AI and RPA features to automate routine tasks and allows integration with the document system and Office 365. The module eliminates the problems associated with manual work, delays and errors in document management and helps to manage documentation efficiently.

Problems that WorkEY Automation solves:

  • Manual document generation and repetitive tasks.
  • Delays and errors in document management.
  • Need for better document management and integration with Office 365. WorkEY will help sales teams centralize your customer information and streamline your customer relationship tracking. It can automate all sales processes, including the preparation of necessary documentation.

Description of the WorkEY Capacity Planning module: Automated planning within this module enables easy adaptation to the variable scopes of specific projects. Monitoring and optimizing inventory helps maintain material flows in line with needs. Planning shifts and meetings becomes simpler and dynamically adjusts to current requirements. The WorkEY Capacity Planning module allows you to efficiently and precisely manage resources, including materials, equipment, and work teams.

Problems that the WorkEY Capacity Planning module solves:

  • Inefficient resource planning, including materials, equipment, space, and work teams. 
  • Inadequate monitoring and optimization of inventory. 
  • Need for scheduling shifts and meetings in line with variable project scopes. 
  • Monitoring and management of the availability of individual professions. 


The WorkEY Field Service Management module enables the planning of various types of project and maintenance, including planning which utilizes GPS and real-time traffic information. The mobile version for field technicians improves work efficiency and minimizes errors in planning and executing work activities.

Problems that WorkEY Field Service Management solves:

  • Ineffective planning of work activities in the field.
  • Inaccurate information on location and traffic situation.
  • Unnecessary journeys and increased carbon footprint.

The CoPilot module uses artificial intelligence to optimize the performance of all the other modules. It offers pre-built AI models that can be populated with data. CoPilot helps to improve automatic evaluation and planning in other modules, which improves performance and reduces the burden on the workforce.

Problems that WorkEY CoPilot solves:

  • Need to improve evaluation and planning in other modules.
  • Need to create custom AI models and algorithms.

The Approvals module provides an approval workflow that integrates easily with Office 365. It automatically updates approvers when their position changes, simplifying and speeding up the approval process for different types of documents and applications.

Problems that the WorkEY Approvals module solves:

  • Complications in approving different types of documents and applications.
  • The need to manually update approvers when changes occur in the organization.

The Invoice Processing module uses RPA and AI to extract and post invoices to the ERP system. The module solves problems associated with slow invoice processing and reduces the risk of human error by automating the process.

Problems that the WorkEY Invoice Processing module solves:

  • Slow invoice processing and posting to ERP.
  • Risk of errors in manual invoice processing.

Where WorkEY already helps

The WorkEY solution has proven itself in practice for clients in the following sectors, among others:
  • Energy

    WorkEY assists our clients in the energy sector, for example, with contracts related to photovoltaic power plants or heat pumps. It enables them to plan maintenance and servicing of energy equipment more efficiently, to reduce documentation costs or to automate the completion of subsidy applications which play a key role in these energy system elements. Last but not least, it facilitates communication with clients and management of business opportunities.

  • Telecommunications

    The world of telecommunication services inherently includes trips to customers. WorkEY simplifies their scheduling and coordinates field technicians efficiently, increasing the availability of their services and significantly reducing their turnaround times. It also facilitates the management of client communications and the associated follow-up of potential new business, which increases overall sales efficiency.
  • Finance

    In the financial sector, WorkEY standardizes and automates all of the necessary financial processes, speeding up transaction approvals and reducing operational costs. It can also improve the flow of information in the back office, leading to efficient management of queries and complaints and contributing to greater customer satisfaction when communicating with the company.

  • Real Estate

    For the real estate sector, WorkEY is an invaluable tool. It aids in capacity planning and property management, coordinates field and back office workers, and enhances sales and leasing process efficiencies. With WorkEY, managing contacts and client information is easy, enabling swift and error-minimized creation of offers and contracts, and efficient management of documentation and approval processes. Work automation and standardization enable faster operations, thereby increasing client satisfaction and market competitiveness.

  • Healthcare

    Equal distribution of the workforce is one of the main advantages of WorkEY solutions in healthcare. This is because it enables machine-based shift scheduling and control of operating room occupancy in hospitals and clinics. This increases the efficiency of the entire institution and helps prevent the overloading of doctors and medical staff. The platform also facilitates the automation of documentation and retrospective analysis of procedures performed, thereby improving the quality of care and reducing errors.

Other benefits

  • Easy installation and user-friendly interface.
  • Comprehensive customer support including technical advice, training materials and updates.
  • Features and configurations adaptable to the unique requirements of different organizations.
  • Easy and fast integration into the existing technological and business environment.

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