Photographic portrait of  iulia zolotcov
I help enable clients to think, work and tell powerful stories through visual storytelling.

Iulia Zolotcov

Graphic Artist, EY wavespace™ satellite London Canary Wharf, Ernst & Young LLP

Experienced in visual storytelling, motion graphics, illustration. Integrates augmented and virtual reality and art, exhibiting her works. Avid runner. Comics collector. Ambassador for native Moldova.

Iulia is a multidisciplinary designer and professional in visual communication.

At EY, Iulia supports clients and account teams at all event stages, helping them visually communicate complex stories and data in a memorable and engaging way. She supports clients to find options, convey strategies and digest complex information, while maintaining the “bigger picture.”

Before joining EY, Iulia worked in a fintech company and at an award-winning media agency, taking creative leadership and producing engaging videos, animations and illustrations for social media channels, client-facing events and communications content.

How Iulia is building a better working world

Iulia is building a better working world by helping people with different learning styles to think and work differently.

Iulia supports a national children’s wheelchair charity, Whizz-Kidz, by enabling the Kidz Board to deliver on their purpose. She helps them to bring to life their work and mission with captivating graphics that tell a powerful story. Iulia has also raised money for Whizz-Kidz by taking part in sponsored sports events with other members of the EY wavespace satellite London Canary Wharf team. 

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