Thibaut Millet
In order to thrive in the 21st century, organizations need to understand the ramifications and seize the opportunities presented by the new global sustainability agenda.

Thibaut Millet

EY Canada Climate Change and Sustainability Leader

Business and environmental leader. Contributor to clean capitalism. Guide for companies‘ path to sustainability. McGill MBA alumnus.

An accomplished strategist with extensive consulting experience, Thibaut leads EY Canadian Climate Change & Sustainability services. Over the last 20 years, he has been working with leading Canadian and international clients in the field of climate change and sustainability.

He is constantly developing innovative approaches to help EY clients create sustainable economic development; manage greenhouse gas emissions and climate change; and improve their environment, health, safety and sustainability performance over the long run.

Thibault has led dozens of consulting and audit engagements in the climate change and sustainability areas in a variety of sectors, including Financial Services, Energy, Mining, Public sector and Manufacturing.

How Thibaut is building a better working world

“There is no more direct way to build a better working world than by helping organizations establish and achieve their sustainability goals. I help EY clients through the fundamental and often complex transformation required for the integration of sustainability into core business activities. This can manage risk, achieve short-term objectives and create long-term value.

More than ever, profit, people and the planet should go together, and my everyday work is to help our economies do just that.”

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