2023 Japan tax reform outline: taxation related to finance and real estate

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Japan tax newsletter 6 April 2023

The 2023 tax reform outline (hereinafter, “Outline”) was released on 16 December 2022 by the LDP/Komeito ruling coalition.

This newsletter introduces the major reforms contained in the Outline specific to finance- and real estate-related tax rules, as well as financial institutions.

Please click here to access the overall 2023 Japan tax reform outline as released in EY Japan tax newsletter published 23 March 2023.

Please note that the contents of this newsletter may be revised in response to future Diet deliberations concerning the reform bill.


  • Financial services and securities taxation
  • Optimization of the tax burden of ultra-high-net-worth individuals
  • Measures in accordance with revisions to the Payment Services Act
  • Crypto asset taxation
  • Tax measures for business turnarounds
  • Real estate taxation
  • Other

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  • 2023 Japan tax reform outline (Japan tax newsletter 6 April 2023)

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Japan tax reform

The 2023 Japan tax reform outline was released on 16 December 2022. In this page, we provide related contents issued by EY Japan Tax.

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