Nobuhiko Kato
Even in an age of rapid change, we contribute to our society by improving accounting audit quality and reliability. We must integrate the latest digital tools and continue our innovations in audits.

Nobuhiko Kato

EY Japan Assurance, Digital Leader

Aim to improve audit quality by combining an audit professional's insight and experience with the latest digital technology.

As Digital Leader for EY Japan Assurance, Nobuhiko Kato develops strategies to apply technologies such as AI, RPA, Blockchain and drones to audit operations. He is also responsible for IT infrastructure maintenance and promoting data analytics utilization. In his role as wavespace Tokyo Assurance Leader, he works to explain and promote EY Digital Audit to current and potential clients.

Looking to develop digital talent in and out of the company, he is involved in bringing overseas initiatives to EY Japan, including EY Australia’s GradLab (a STEM talent development program) and the EY Academic Resource Center (curriculum materials on digital audit for use in universities).

He is also a guest lecturer on the future of auditing at Japanese universities, sharing his 20 years of experience in auditing and advisory services in manufacturing and banking.

He graduated from Yokohama National University with a degree in Business Administration.

Building a better working world

"I aim to utilize digital technology to optimize the audit ecosystem. By communicating with our audit client companies about the advantages to be gained by both parties by centralizing and standardizing financial information, as well as by bringing attention to auditing considerations in business documents such as contracts, I aim to strengthen business management systems, enhance accounting auditing and improve productivity.

I am sharing the best practices of EY Japan Digital Audit with the Asia-Pacific region, enabling our member firms to improve auditing and increase productivity. Moreover, by recruiting and developing STEM talents and global talents, I create a sustainable accounting audit business model that can adapt to digitalization and globalization. To spread the appeal of auditing and the work of our professionals with the younger generation, I host lectures about the future of auditing, not only at EY but also at outside events and in high schools and universities.

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