Photographic portrait of Peter Bos
Successful high-growth businesses master the art of driving a vision while anticipating any potential growing pains before they occur. Achieving the balance across the EY 7 Drivers of Growth is critical to driving truly sustainable growth.

Peter Bos

EY Global 7 Drivers of Growth Leader

Advisor to the ambitious. Working with high growth business leaders enabling them to accelerate and sustain growth.

Peter has over 27 years of experience in advising ambitious leaders of high-growth companies. Clients range from start-ups and scale-ups to mid-size businesses, including VC/PE-backed and family enterprises, and large multinational companies.

His professional experience comprises advising and guiding companies on their growth strategies, strategic management and planning matters, change management processes and re-organizations.

As the EY Global 7 Drivers of Growth Leader and co-founder of EY’s renowned 7 Drivers of Growth framework, Peter supports CEOs and their leadership teams to think differently about their businesses and build action plans to successfully execute their growth strategies. In doing this, he helps businesses unlock their full potential and enables leaders to realize their ambitions, faster.

Peter holds an MSc in Industrial Engineering & Management Science.

How Peter is building a better working world

“In my role, I work directly with leaders of high-growth businesses to help them realize their ambitions and to develop and successfully deliver on their growth strategy.

During this transformative age, knowing where your business needs to be headed and how to get there, has never been more important. Leveraging the EY 7 Drivers of Growth, I support ambitious leaders to think differently about their businesses enabling them to navigate uncertainty, seize opportunties and achieve sustainable growth.”

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