Robotic process automation

In Mining and metals

Given the competitive market, organizations are exploring strategies to boost efficiencies, curb costs and focus human resources on value creation. RPA is disrupting many traditional business processes by becoming an integral part of operations, streamlining tedious, time-consuming and error-filled tasks.

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The ever-changing operating environment for mining and metals businesses has increased the complexity of doing business globally. Organizations are investing in technologies that enable them to remain competitive across their entire value chain.

Robotic process automation (RPA) enables the automation of end-to-end processes, with a focus on high-volume, highly repetitive and multistep tasks with many validation rules. Additionally, RPA leverages elements of artificial intelligence for sophisticated decision-making, and has the ability to adapt, assess and perform cognitive tasks from sensing, predicting and inferring.

Besides automating back-office functions, including finance, human resources and administration, we are increasingly seeing global mining and metals organizations looking to automate other areas of the value chain. For example, automation in operation centers can provide greater productivity, accuracy and speed in execution.

Unlocking the true value of RPA in a sustainable and transformational manner requires a holistic approach considering technology and infrastructure, governance and risk management, process flow and human capital impact. This 360-degree view helps mining and metals companies to deploy RPA sustainably and use the resulting productivity gains to redeploy employees to tasks with direct financial benefits.

EY provides services backed by our business-led approach and extensive sector experience that support our clients throughout the RPA journey. These services can include an initial scan, pilot projects and the development of mechanisms and structures that enable scaled implementations as part of a wider digital operations automation strategy.

We’ve worked on over 130 robotics projects in 15 countries. This includes significant experience in mining and metals, as well as procurement in mining.

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