Photographic portrait of Kris Kuty
Without the questions, how do EY teams know if they are working toward the right outcome? The desire to understand is the primary means to deliver outcomes for the customer.

Kris Kuty

EY Global Digital Products and Solutions Product Manager

Helping drive innovation through product management. Living by the mindset of: be different; deliver excellence. Avid golfer. Family man.

Kris is a product manager, leading several global initiatives within Digital Products and Solutions group of EY Global Services Ltd that are helping the EY organization and clients use technology to help simplify their lives in and outside of work.

Having held leadership roles for numerous products, he helps form, mentor and lead product development teams to deliver solutions that help clients achieve their goals and objectives.

Prior to EY, Kris spent time in financial services as a Certified Financial Planner™ and worked for a technology firm in Columbus, OH – most recently leading their solutions management organization consisting of product management, software development, channel technical development and sales engineering.

Kris holds a BS in Resource Management from the Ohio State University.

How Kris is building a better working world

“Each day I ask myself one question, “this helps my customer how?” That lens helps me build a deep understanding of my clients to help deliver outcomes.

Having held roles in finance, technology and professional services, my primary purpose has always been to help customers identify and deliver what they need to do to achieve their goals and objectives.”

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