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Explore innovative ideas, unlock ingenuity and make change happen — faster.

EY ranks top for Digital Transformation

EY has been recognized by Forrester Research as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Global Digital Business Transformation Accelerators, Q1 2019.


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What is wavespace?

In wavespace, we curate talent and technology, bringing them together in a collaboration, proven to energize, and align teams to create meaningful outcomes — faster.

Imagine the space to take big leaps, to inspire creativity to answer your biggest questions.

wavespaces are designed to generate possibilities, find answers faster and align people for decision-making — whether your goal is to grow, transform or disrupt.

People from across your organization, EY and beyond, will interact with ideas, technology and each other. This interaction leads to meaningful outcomes. It inspires human ingenuity. It accelerates creativity to help organizations thrive in the Transformative Age.

In wavespace, we curate talent and technology, bringing them together in a collaboration, proven to energize, and align teams so they can solve problems and create meaningful outcomes.

Whether we host you in one of our global network of wavespace centers, create a temporary ‘pop up’ space, or install wavespace on your premises, we’ll help you break through to better answers to your most pressing business issues.

wavespace way of working:

  • A relentless focus on meaningful outcomes
  • A collaboration experience proven to unlock creativity
  • A blend of talent to break through to better answers
  • An innate understanding of emerging technology
  • A way to align your teams and accelerate change within your organization.

Our global network of wavespace centers

We have a connected global network of 23 wavespace flagships in some of the world’s most dynamic and innovative urban areas. Our wavespace centers can help you explore and test ideas, solutions and products. wavespace flagships are made up of distinct environments — for design, tech demos, data labs / incubation and workshops — with specialist teams and technologies.

  • Design Studio

    Our design environments are open, creative spaces where we can help your team with service design, user experience (UX), user interfaces (UI), rapid prototyping and more.

  • Showcase

    Seeing is believing. In our showcase environments, we’ll immerse your team in emerging technologies — from virtual reality, to AI, to robotics and more.

  • Facilitated Workshop

    In our workshop environments, we run high-impact, facilitated events that will unleash your team’s imagination, and help you identify and address your toughest business issues.

  • Lab/Incubator

    In our labs and incubators, our researchers and scientists explore, cultivate and pilot new technologies that can help your team bring its best ideas to life.

  • Pop-up/Mobile

    If your team can’t come to our established wavespace locations, we will come to you. We can set up shop and get down to business in your offices, a conference center — just about anywhere.

Each wavespace center is a center of excellence for one or more digital capabilities, such as IoT, AI, user experience, blockchain, data analytics or cybersecurity. We also have 17 wavespace satellites, which focus on one particular competency or emerging technology.

Our pop-up / mobile capabilities mean that we can also set up and run wavespace in a temporary space, or within your own organization.

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