Photographic portrait of  Laisve Diciunaite
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Laisve Diciunaite

EY Lithuania GCR Practice Partner

GCR Associate Partner heavily involved in finance operations services for local and international companies. Passionate about working in a multinational environment and on multinational projects.

Areas of focus Tax compliance
Office Vilnius, LT

Laisve Diciunaite is Partner of EY Lithuania, GCR Practice.

Laisve has more than 15 years of experience in compliance and reporting services for local and international companies, including general bookkeeping, payroll, tax and statutory accounting and reporting, finance management, treasury.
Laisve is also experienced in managing global contracts for outsourced services, also the establishment and management of shared service centers, accounting services provision for clients in the European countries.

Laisvė leads nearshoring hub in Lithuania for global bookkeeping services in Europe

Laisvė has earned a Master’s degree in Accounting and Audit from Vilnius University, Lithuania.

How Laisve is Diciunaite is building a better working world

"One of the ways how I am contributing to building a better working world is by providing exceptional services to our clients that respond to their business needs. We help them to manage challenges of complex regulations across geographies. Delivering added value and making a difference in services that we provide is what motivates me to grow our business and to contribute to our client’s business growth."

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