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EY VODW supports large companies with customer-focused innovation and digital transformation.

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Customer-centric innovation and transformation

Companies that can innovate and transform with a true customer focus are more successful in dynamic markets. With the combined power of customer focus, innovation and transformation, your organization can move faster, have your teams create more value and give your company a dynamic competitive advantage. EY VODW has been helping companies (since 1983) to create the best starting position for sustainable and relevant growth and value creation. We make large companies faster and fast companies larger. From strategy to successful realization. EY VODW is a leader in their category in the Benelux and a center of excellence for EY in other countries.

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We connect business needs to consumer behavior, and deliver transformations that inspire, mobilize and drive results.

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EY Design and Engineering

EY Design and Engineering

Where disruptive thinking meets craftsmanship, collaborative innovation and agile execution. We free you to reinvent anything or everything, both what you do and how you do it.

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Our way of working in your journey

We’re all-in when it comes to transforming your business, from start to finish. We believe that our combined capabilities will empower your organization and enable your teams with the knowledge and tools they need to move forward. We’ll help you define your goals, design your futures and craft your reality. Heads in the cloud and feet on the ground.​ We bring the best mix of our expertise at your table. Within EY VODW, business strategists, designers, technologists, data scientists and transformation specialists work together to find concrete solutions to your issues.

With our colleagues in other countries, we shaped the global EY Design and Engineering collective. Our network includes 1500+ professionals in 20+ countries in the areas of customer centric design, digital product and service design, engineering and delivery.

And of course we have all of EY's expertise in other areas such as technology, finance, data and analytics, supply chain and legal at our fingertips. As well as sector knowledge in, for example, Consumer Products & Retail, Health & Life Sciences, Banking & Insurance, Energy and Public.