Design and Engineering

EY Design and Engineering is where disruptive thinking meets craftsmanship, collaborative innovation and agile execution. We free you to reinvent anything or everything, both what you do and how you do it.

Our designers link business needs to consumer behaviors. We propel imagination by creating powerful experiences, innovative products, and services that transform brands and organizations. And help them reimagine the future of business, by putting people first.

Our engineers drive a system of development that is iterative and has design intent. We assemble a mix of innovation technologies, open-source software, and cloud computing packages to re-imagine the entire enterprise as an integrated, continuously optimizing system.

We are passionate about the future

We want to shape the future of society and work

We challenge long-held assumptions to form better futures. We believe that only through bringing together different viewpoints can we solve the hardest challenges. We question everything and help organizations engage with their stakeholders, business partners and communities, to pursue solutions that build long-term value for all.


We act with urgency

Speed is the imperative of the modern world

The most pressing issue we are facing today is to create a sustainable future for all. We believe organizations have the responsibility to play an important role – starting today. We have the power to influence the outcome of the services and businesses we create. From the get-go, we design and engineer sustainable processes based on circular principles.


We are resolutely people-centric

We believe in the power of diversity

We value individual well-being and the importance of inclusiveness and empathy in the way we work. We practice people-centric principles on ourselves and everyone we work with, and respect everyone’s unique attributes. We believe in the power of diversity as an asset for co-creation, to challenge us and inspire us to become better at what we do.


We are one living breathing ecosystem where connected creativity meets business value

Business Reinvention

Designing and implementing innovative business models to generate new growth streams.

Experience Design and Delivery

Designing and delivering smart customer journeys and valuable customer experiences.

Commercial Growth and Acceleration

Building future-back strategies to drive business growth and commercial excellence.

Design of Products and Services

Optimizing and improving a product and service portfolio to meet the needs of customers.

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