Digital Identity Managed Services

Digital Identity (DI) Managed Services supports organizations across the lifecycle of digital identities. It uses robust processes and cutting-edge technology to transform how customers, employees and digital assets are identified, making managing access and governance easy.


Your business challenge

Today’s organizations operate within a digitized, expanding ecosystem, managing digital identity across numerous applications, multiple devices and third parties. Part of the EY Cybersecurity Managed Services portfolio, Digital Identity (DI) Managed Services is a cost-effective solution to navigating a complex environment of threats and obstacles:

  • Sophisticated attackers are targeting weak “human links” across an expanded attack surface.
  • Global identity, privacy and data regulation is fragmented, creating compliance challenges.
  • High-profile breaches are more likely to destabilize operations and undermine public and investor trust.
  • Current digital identity processes often create a poor experience for customers and other end users.
  • Talent to manage and maintain robust digital identity processes is scarce.
  • Advancing technology makes investment in securing digital identities unsustainable.


Solution benefits

DI Managed Services enables the right people to have the right access to the right resources through streamlined, automated and trusted digital identity technologies and processes that deliver:

  • Cost certainty and increased efficiency – using trusted automation and analytics results in massive cost savings for organizations
  • Improved security, provided by round-the-clock support that enables faster remediation of issues and threats while enriching the user experience
  • Confidence in digital integrity that supports trusted relationships. An automated, orchestrated approach to digital identity provides transparency and reassurance to consumers, business partners, regulators and shareholders


Solution features and functionality

DI Managed Services is integrated and flexible. It gives organizations the tools, analytics and processes to identify customers, employees and digital assets, and the ability to easily manage access and create insight-rich reports. Centralized and seamless, the solution includes:

  • Identity governance and administration: process automation and control that increases the efficiency, consistency and compliance levels for managing digital identities and application access
  • Access management: advanced capabilities that authenticate and continuously validate a digital identity’s authenticity, without affecting the user experience
  • Privileged access management: tools and processes for managing the accounts that are organization-critical
  • Directory service management: operating the organization’s core identity repository effectively and securely
  • User access management: helps bridge the capability gap with experienced talent to handle application ID management and request fulfillment


Why EY

Part of EY Cybersecurity Managed Services, DI Managed Services helps build a stronger cyber culture through a proactive approach to digital identity. When cybersecurity investment becomes a strategic business enabler, leaders can progress digital innovation that adds value.

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