Photo of Finn Espen Sellæg
We help our clients to improve their reporting, and we provide the external users with trust in their story.

Finn Espen Sellæg

EY Norway Consumer Assurance Partner

I help clients with reporting financial and non-financial information. A family man with three active teenagers in the house. Passionate skier who loves the mountains.

Finn Espen is audit partner for several larger companies in Norway, with a main focus on consumer products. He is signing partner on the largest grocery chain in Norway. He is the Nordic Consumer Assurance leader and is focusing on utilizing data analytics and robotics in performing the audits. By a continued focus on efficiency and improvement, use of technology and gaining better insight we are reducing unnecessary time and cost, and we are delivering a more valuable product to our customers.

He has for many years been a lecturer at the professional masters programme in accounting and auditing at the Norwegian Business School. He is also an editor of the Norwegian Finance Journal “Praktisk Økonomi & Finans”.

Building a better working world – How Finn Espen makes a difference

“I am building a better working world by helping clients improve their financial reporting. One of my focus areas is to utilize new digital tools in performing our audit. This includes the development of a robot that does all the tick&tie of financial statements and tax returns of almost 700 franchisees in a large Norwegian grocery chain. We are also developing useful data analytics tools tailormade to this business, on which we rely much of our audit conclusions. This is an efficient way of auditing a large number of similar entities, it saves time and costs, and it gives the client great insight into their own business. 

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