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EY-Parthenon careers

EY-Parthenon is the global strategy consulting arm within the EY organization, comprised of more than 9,000 professionals. Here you can build a career unique to you.

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EY-Parthenon teams help CEOs and business leaders design and deliver transformative strategies that help build long-term value. We achieve this by working across the focus areas of corporate and growth strategy, transaction strategy and execution, and turnaround and restructuring strategy — applying strategic problem solving that combines strategy with human-centric design and technology.

Our ability to connect solutions, teams and technologies from EY-Parthenon and the broader EY ecosystem enable us to provide clients with strategies that are both ambitious and actionable.

EY-Parthenon is known for a high-performing and collaborative culture. Being part of EY-Parthenon offers growth opportunities in professional development, international experience, and career opportunities. We work with clients in a wide spectrum of industries including but not limited to:

  • Consumer products and retail
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Financial services
  • Health Sciences and Wellness
  • Industrial products
  • Private equity
  • Technology, Media and Telecom

Why EY-Parthenon?

  • The EY-Parthenon experience

    EY-Parthenon teams help clients answer their most challenging strategic questions, which — in turn — will help you build the broad C-suite skillset needed to become a transformative leader. The following questions, commonly addressed on client engagements, illustrate how EY-Parthenon teams need to employ big-picture thinking down to bespoke operational tactics to support EY clients through complex strategies and transactions.

    It’s your career to build

    You want a career as unique as you are. We provide the scale, teams and technology, showing you what’s possible and revealing opportunities where others see challenges. EY-Parthenon teams are dedicated to fostering a cohesive environment which promotes collaboration, communication and mentorship. At EY-Parthenon, you can make a meaningful impact, your way. It’s yours to build.

    Learning and development

    At EY-Parthenon, you will continuously be learning. As the world undergoes unprecedented change, the clients depend on us to help them set and execute strategies that provide full potential value. Through apprenticeship and skills programs, we invest in your mindset and skillset to become a transformational leader.

  • EY-Parthenon focus areas in Norway

    EY-Parthenon in Norway seeks outstanding candidates with strong analytical and soft skills and a passion for applying them to real world problems. Successful candidates are well-rounded and demonstrate intellectual curiosity, self-confidence, and entrepreneurship.

    You can pursue a strategy consulting career at EY-Parthenon through one of four pathways:

    Corporate and growth strategy

    Our corporate and growth strategy team develops strategies that focus on the short- and long-term growth and value creation potential of companies including corporate and business unit strategy, new market entry opportunities, portfolio strategy, digital transformation strategy and commercial due diligence.

    Transaction strategy and execution

    Our transaction strategy and execution (TS&E) team provides a full range of operationally-focused services including M&A integration, carve-outs, operational and IT due diligence and operational restructuring.

    Turnaround and restructuring strategy

    Our turnaround and restructuring strategy provide leadership in difficult and complex situations to rapidly solve, execute and ultimately transform the outcome. Our Turnaround and Restructuring professionals help clients develop financial and operational strategies to improve liquidity, credit availability and shareholder return.

    Technology (Software strategy group)

    Our Software strategy group (SSG) is a leader in providing strategic advice for corporate and private equity (PE) investors in the Software Economy. We provide commercial, product and technology diligence and software-oriented strategy and value creation services for PE-backed portfolio companies and independent operating companies.

For more information on the recruitment process and careers at EY-Parthenon Norway, please contact:

  • Strategy: Lars Lileng (lars.lileng@parthenon.ey.com)
  • Technology: Fredrik Selmer (fredrik.selmer@parthenon.ey.com)
  • General questions on recruitment and careers: Håvard H Flostrand (haavard.h.flostrand@parthenon.ey.com)

EY-Parthenon Strategy is part of Ernst & Young AS.

Our purpose and commitment to diversity and inclusion

Motivated by making an impact

Working on projects that will impact a large part of the world and the transformation of an industry is why Alexandra chose EY Parthenon.

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Working with many different projects

Aksel Skaar talks about what it's like to work at EY-Parthenon.

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Recruiting FAQs

  • What educational background is EY-Parthenon looking for?

    EY-Parthenon in Norway welcomes applicants of all degree backgrounds. We are looking for highly motivated people who are adept at original and creative thinking and problem-solving. Ideal candidates are enthusiastic and talented people who combine excellent analytical skills with the ability to communicate clearly and succinctly.

  • What can I expect when I start working at EY-Parthenon?

    From your first day at EY-Parthenon, we will staff you directly on projects where you’ll be making a significant contribution immediately. Your job learning will be complemented with formal training from our senior leadership team.

  • Will I be expected to specialize in a specific sector?

    No. We aim to staff our consultants on as wide a variety of projects as possible to help maximize their learning opportunities. In later stages of your career at EY-Parthenon, you are expected to start experiencing in specific sectors and/or project types.

  • How will EY-Parthenon support my development?

    A highly skilled and engaged workforce drives better business results. That’s why we're empowering our people to be intentional about their careers, seeking out the experiences that will help them bring out the best in themselves and others. We encourage our people to build their own exceptional experience, supported by EY-Parthenon. We provide coaching, mentoring experiences and learning amongst other things. In addition, you always have a buddy and a mentor for all your questions, no matter how big or small.

  • What will the application process be like?

    To apply for traineeships and graduate positions, you’ll need to submit your resume to a job advertisement at EY Careers. You’ll be invited to an on-demand phase which includes cognitive ability tests and short video questions provided by HireVue. Those who are approved in this phase will be invited to 2-3 rounds of interviews.

How to join EY-Parthenon teams

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Build a career as unique as you are. We’ll provide the global scale, personal support, inclusive culture and technology you need to become the best version of you.

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From student programs and other offerings to full-time positions, find a role where you can build an exceptional experience for yourself and a better working world for all.

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When joining EY-Parthenon teams, a candidate may receive communications branded EY and EY-Parthenon.

Careers at EY

Interested in a role outside of EY-Parthenon strategy consulting services? We invite you to explore careers within the broader EY organization.

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