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Annual & Sustainability Report 2021/2022

Letter from the CEO

For EY Norway, the 2022 financial year was a record year. We ended the year by delivering a total growth of 12%. All our service lines are performing well and continue to deliver value for our clients, colleagues and society.

The 2022 financial year was also characterised by unrest and uncertainty, reflecting the society in which we live. In particular, the war in Ukraine and the shooting incident in Oslo during Pride made an impression on us. EY strongly opposes these incidents. For us it has been of utmost importance this year to ensure that all our employees are well looked after at work.

EY is one of the leading global professional service organizations delivering assurance, consulting, strategy and transactions, legal advice and tax services. Our common strategy connects our 365,000 colleagues in over 150 countries into a global knowledge network. This ensures teaming and trust internally as well as externally – implying deliveries of high quality with long-term value creation as an important element for our clients.

In Norway we are more than 2 100 colleagues across 27 geographic locations. Our clients constitute a cross-section of Norwegian economy, representing most sectors.   

Even though this year also was partially impacted by Covid-19, we have prepared well for the future having introduced our hybrid working model more than a year ago. The flexibility in our hybrid working model contributes to a better work-life balance At the same time opening doors for still more to be part of the work force.

Our focus on diversity, equity and inclusiveness is one of our dedicated causes, and we work on several fronts to succeed in creating the industry’s most inclusive workplace. We actively participate and support various initiatives to contribute to make a difference, such as our cooperation with “Sammen om en jobb” [“Together for a job”]. By contributing with support and mentors to a mentor program across cultures, we hope to create valuable relations and a more future-oriented working life. In cooperation with SHE Community, we have also published the fifth edition of SHE Index – Powered by EY, where one focus area is gender balance at management level.

Innovation is at the core of a future-oriented business.  All citizens in a society have valuable competence, because different perspectives together can contribute to unique solutions.  The challenges of our time depend on our ability to understand the competence of others and how we ourselves can contribute to a better future. We are therefore very proud of our accelerator program for sustainability – EY’s Amplifier, providing start-ups access to our services and global competence network.

In October 2021, EY became carbon negative, e.g., EY globally reduced its total emissions and offset and removed more carbon than it emitted, and we are on track to reach our target to become “net zero” in 2025. This spring we launched BIEN – EY Norway’s internal sustainability forum, where the members learn from each other, share knowledge and experience, engage and inspire to launch new sustainability initiatives.

The Annual and Sustainability Report provides a summary of our total work and is in our opinion a good basis for the future. In September, it became known that EY’s strategic review of its business had progressed. EY’s leaders have reached the decision to move forward with partner votes to separate into two distinct, multidisciplinary organizations. It is assumed that the voting, which will take place on a country-by-country basis, can be finalised in early 2023. We look forward to sharing our vision for the future and will certainly continue to create sustainable value for our employees, clients, and society by “Building a Better Working World”.

Finally, I wish to thank all employees for their formidable efforts in the 2022 financial year.

Enjoy your reading!  


Edited by Christin E. Bøsterud

Country Managing Partner, Nordic Chief Sustainability Officer, EY Norge

Christin er advokat med en PhD innen etikk. Hun er opptatt av mangfold og inkludering på alle nivåer – inklusive ledelse. Bonde og hestejente.

Annual and sustainability report 2021/2022

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