Photographic portrait of Kasia Klaczynska Lewis
In today’s world embracing sustainability translates into a competitive advantage.

Kasia Klaczynska Lewis

Partner, Ernst & Young Law Talasiewicz, Zakrzewska i Wspólnicy sp.k.

International professional expert on the EU Green Deal. Manages cross-border projects related to decarbonization and sustainability.

Kasia has many years of experience advising on international regulatory regimes related to energy, climate change and the environment, as well as sustainability law.

She has cross-cutting knowledge on the EU Green Deal, assisting organizations in understanding its impact, managing the risks and implementing compliance strategies that often involve deep transformations, decarbonization or changes to global supply chains. Her particular focus is on emissions trading, carbon border taxes, sustainable corporate governance, supply chains accountability and sustainable finance.

Since 2013, Kasia has been recognized by international rankings of lawyers, in particular for her advisory on climate change law.

Kasia graduated from Jagiellonian University and Harvard Law School, where she was appointed a Gammon Fellow for Academic Excellence. She is a member of the New York Bar. She divides her time between Europe and North America.

How Kasia is building a better working world

“Legal regulations have become a catalyst for sustainability goals, taking over the space that has until recently been dominated by voluntary corporate initiatives. In our work we help build a vision of an innovative legal system which would drive the economic transformation toward carbon neutrality and circularity.”

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