Picture of Nora Backer Malm
There is no way getting around the ESG megatrends that shape our world. We need to understand how to integrate these in business strategies to achive long term value creation.

Nora Backer Malm

Manager, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, EY Norway

Management consultant with focus on sustainability strategy in general, and investment strategies in particular.

Nora is a Manager in Climate Change & Sustainability Services in EY Norway. She works with sustainability strategy development, which includes materiality assessments, risk management, action plans, target setting, determining KPIs, and reporting. More specifically, Nora specializes in ESG investment strategies. Examples of experience include ESG due diligence, portfolio management and exit preparations.

Nora has a MSc BA Business Administration from Rotterdam Scool of Management, Erasmus University, and a MA Hons International Relations from University of St. Andrews. Prior to joining EY, Nora worked in green public procurement.

Last, but not least, Nora is a certified Yoga teacher (YT200).

How Nora is building a better working world

”I believe we can build a better working world by making capitalism a force for good. While radical change might be needed, I believe we will achieve change faster if we work with, rather than against, existing forces. I support a better working world by helping businesses understand that managing the sustainability impact of their operations is essential to create real, long term business value.”

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