scott keipper
In consulting, EY work will continue to evolve, but it’s the deep, lasting relationships that endure.

Scott Keipper

EY US Financial Services Technology Solutions Delivery Leader

Focused on end-to-end technology delivery of complex transformational programs. Leader of global teams providing full-development life cycle insights.

Scott is a principal at Ernst & Young LLP, leading the Financial Services Technology Solutions Delivery offering, bringing over 20 years of experience in delivering transformation and implementation services. He has worked as an information management executive at major global financial institutions.

Scott is seasoned in information management, data architecture development, transformation road map development, enterprise program planning, data governance, reporting strategy and systems integration delivery.

Prior to joining EY, Scott served as Associate Partner with a leading multinational information technology company. Having begun his career as an auditor, he has extensive experience in working with software vendors including vendor evaluation, contract negotiation and systems integration management.

Scott earned his MS in Accounting from Florida State University College of Business.

How Scott is building a better working world 

“In my work, I help the financial services industry use data to provide a better customer experience, while supporting the reduction of risk in the market, being good stewards of client information and driving cost efficiencies. This, I believe, helps me contribute to the organization’s agenda of building a better working world.”

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