Photographic portrait of Ruta Makareviciute

Ruta Makareviciute

EY EMEIA Public Finance Management Solution Leader

Leads transformations in government and public sector. Makes change happen. Open-minded. Passionate traveler.

Ruta is an Consulting Partner, focuses on our Government & Public Sector (GPS) services for Central Asia and Caucasus, and is building the Consulting practice in Uzbekistanis.

Since joining EY in 2002, and throughout her career, she has been helping governments across EMEIA transform into modern institutions.

Ruta has a broad range of GPS experience, including public finance management, regulation and civil service reforms, strategic and budget planning, capacity building, quality management systems implementation, ESIF management and control systems improvement as well as core and e-government information systems design, selection and implementation.

In addition, she has 10 years of experience in the retail and wholesale and postal services industries. She earned an MSc in Economic Analysis from Vilnius University.

How Ruta is building a better working world

“Disruptive technologies are transforming the way we work and live. I am confident that public sector organizations can harness them to improve services and outcomes for citizens. If governments identify clear purpose and vision, new technologies can fulfill these ambitions by integrating new capabilities, assessing results and continually adapting existing capabilities based on performance and new goals as they emerge.”

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