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Become the Best Employer: With EY's annual Best Employer Survey that will help you better understand your candidates


EY Best Employer Survey results 


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You will get answers to the following questions

  • How is your company perceived compared to others on the labor market
  • How has the perception of your company as an employer changed in recent years
  • What companies are your competitors for the talents
  • What makes your company attractive to external candidates
  • What sources of information are used by external candidates to get information about your company as an employer
  • How to increase the effectiveness of your communications on the market

Why it is so important

Comprehensive work on employer brand contributes to:

  • improving the company's image on the labor market
  • optimizing time and resources for finding right candidates
  • retaining key talent in the company

It can be useful for

  • HR, Marketing, PR, Corporate Communications specialists
  • Specialists in other functions who are engaged in employer branding, recruiting and employee motivation

Why EY

  • We have been conducting this survey since 2005 (have well-established processes of data collection and analysis, as well as a broad data for tracking trends in dynamics)
  • We offer a comprehensive professional support and tools for building effective employer brand

Want to know more?

Stay well informed - find out more about the results of our latest survey.

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  • Other EY services on employer brand management:

    • Analysis of target candidates’ preferences on the market: general and customized surveys
    • Analysis of external and internal communication approaches (channels, key messages, etc.)
    • Conduction of employee opinion survey to measure their level of engagement, loyalty and satisfaction, as well as to analyze key motivational factors. Conduction of pulse surveys on the most relevant topics (e.g. mood-tracking, well-being, etc.)
    • Comprehensive analysis of employer value proposition (EVP), including comparison of remuneration package with the market
    • Development / update of the current EVP and assistance with its implementation

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