Steve Ivermee
The disruptive impact of technology is changing the business world. M&A has a role to play in both grasping the opportunities and managing the risks this change creates.

Steve Ivermee

UK&I Managing Partner Strategy and Transactions, Ernst and Young LLP

Member of the UK&I Executive working with multi-disciplinary teams to advise and support clients on the transaction life cycle. Lead UK&I Diversity & Inclusiveness Sponsor. Budding racing driver.

Having joined EY in 1990 as a graduate trainee, Steve is the Ernst & Young LLP UK&I Managing Partner for Strategy and Transactions. He has previously held positions as EY UK&I Head of Transaction Support (2010-2015), EY EMEIA Transaction Support leader (2013-2016) and COO for EY UK&I Strategy and Transactions (2015-2016).

Steve has worked on a wide range of cross-border deals in countries including the US, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey and Norway; and in diverse industries, including business services, consumer products and aviation.

He also leads the UK&I Diversity & Inclusiveness Partner Sponsors, advocating for a culture of belonging and helping to drive the UK firm’s D&I agenda.

How Steve is building a better working world

“The disruptive impact of technology will continue to play a huge role in the business world. In my work with clients and our teams, I focus on the future role that M&A can play in both grasping the opportunities this change creates, and managing the risks presented by technology-led disruption.

No doubt, the future is uncertain, and transactions away from a business’s core area typically bring even greater uncertainty. Successful businesses will not be those that take a ‘wait and see’ approach, but those that are being proactive in addressing the key issues that are driving rapid change in their industries.

In my role as UK&I Diversity & Inclusiveness Sponsor, I am committed to ensuring that our focus on belonging is about making it all our responsibility to maintain a fair and equitable culture. Commercial success will only come with a strong, inclusive culture and the diversity of people and thinking that will bring.”

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