Fairness opinions

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The current deal environment is characterized by a heightened focus on board accountability and increasing transaction structure complexity. EY teams help boards strengthen their fiduciary oversight and make more informed decisions by providing an independent fairness opinion based on rigorous transaction analysis and sector knowledge.

What EY can do for you

Your company is about to enter into a significant transaction.
You believe it must be fair or the transaction would not be under consideration.

We offer insights to help you get answers:

  • Will board members, board subcommittees, shareholders or other key stakeholders accept your recommendation on faith and reputation alone?
  • Can your company afford the risk of being proven wrong after the fact?

We work with corporate boards to provide independent value insights to help mitigate legal risk and help enhance deal outcomes during buy-side, sell-side or related-party transactions.

  • Act as the independent, disinterested fairness opinion provider for the board of directors
  • Assist in protecting board members from personal liability by helping them fulfill their fiduciary duty of being fully informed on a proposed transaction
  • Provide a detailed analysis of the proposed financial terms of the transaction and identify potential issues early in the negotiation process to help improve deal outcomes
  • Analyze the intrinsic value of the asset being obtained or surrendered in a transaction
  • Work with buyers to provide confidence that they are paying a fair price in a proposed transaction
  • Work with sellers to provide confidence that they are receiving adequate compensation in a proposed transaction

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