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Your career in strategy consulting

EY-Parthenon teams help CEOs and business leaders design and deliver transformative strategies across the entire enterprise, to help build long-term growth for all stakeholders. Our professionals achieve this by working across corporate and growth strategy, transaction strategy and execution, and turnaround and restructuring strategy.

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Corporate and growth strategy


In corporate and growth strategy, you will address critical decisions made by CEOs and business leaders. EY-Parthenon clients challenge the status quo and discover new approaches to complex business questions. These teams develop actionable strategies, helping clients achieve their full potential.

Transaction strategy and execution


In transaction strategy and execution, you will provide strategic transaction advice while supporting execution to help clients attain economic and social value. These teams help clients make better capital decisions and achieve optimal long-term growth.

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Turnaround and restructuring strategy


In turnaround and restructuring strategy, you will support executive stakeholders in addressing pressing business challenges. These teams support strategy and execution to transform financial and/or operational performance from value recovery and preservation through growth creation.

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Build a career as unique as you are. We’ll provide the global scale, personal support, inclusive culture and technology you need to become the best version of you.

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From student programs and other offerings to full-time positions, find a role where you can build an exceptional experience for yourself and a better working world for all.

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