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Our Trade Risk Analytics Compliance Kit (TRACK) offers next-generation transaction monitoring to address the unique, complex risks in international trade finance.

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The trade finance industry is highly complex and distributed, encompassing manufacturers, importers, shipping entities, financial institutions and government agencies.

An estimated US$1 trillion of financial crime proceeds flows through the US$9.1 trillion industry’s trade channels annually. Financial crime at this scale threatens to disrupt the global economy and cause monetary and reputational damage to financial institutions.

With regulatory scrutiny on the rise, banks must address key challenges:

  • Managing a high volume of paper documents and manual processes across the trade transaction life cycle
  • Detecting patterns of illicit trade finance activity as bad actors employ increasingly sophisticated techniques to launder money, illegally transport goods, and avoid sanctions and boycott

To help your company meet these challenges, we teamed with SAS to develop TRACK (Trade Risk Analytics Compliance Kit), an innovative platform that addresses the unique, complex risks in international trade.

TRACK goes beyond traditional transaction-monitoring tools, which struggle to address unstructured data, extensive party networks and complex transaction life cycles.

TRACK delivers next-generation transaction monitoring with:

  • Machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation (RPA) and optical character recognition (OCR) to automate and improve risk controls
  • A software as a service (SaaS) model to simplify deployment and operations
  • Our deep business knowledge and experience with regulatory guidance and model governance

TRACK can help move your business from inefficient, manual and paper-based processes to increased automation and digital innovation. That helps address the rising cost of compliance amid growing regulatory requirements.

TRACK can benefit any complex industry, including trade finance, capital markets, asset management, insurance and wholesale payments.

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