Tax controversy and policy

Cross-border information sharing and aggressive tax enforcement means companies must act to reduce risk, enhance decision-making and promote cost efficiencies.

Tax has become increasingly connected — governments are collecting and sharing taxpayer information, and tax changes in one jurisdiction can now trigger changes across the globe. The result is that tax controversy is evolving from two-sided disputes in specific countries into a multidimensional, multi-country dynamic.

Businesses must act so that their people, policies and systems are keeping pace. They need a line of sight into the issues and the potential for future conflicts, as well as a centralized global strategy. Should disagreements arise, having resources that can act as a “bridge” between the tax authorities and the company is essential.

Here, you’ll find information to help you navigate this interconnected environment, including leading practices for implementing a globally integrated approach to tax controversy management. 


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2017-18 Tax Risk and Controversy Survey Series

Our latest survey series report takes a view from the tax authorities and how organizations must have a global approach to tax risk #TaxRisk

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