Tax function operations

For today’s tax function to be fit to operate in the future, it has to be connected. EY’s Connected Tax offers both a blueprint and a business platform for building a future-proof tax function that can help you respond to demands.

If your organization is looking to drive value, manage costs and mitigate risk, EY Connected Tax can help you design and implement the effective means of operating a business tax function. We help define what it means to operate “best in class” and “best in cost,” with a blueprint for dividing functional activities to reach the desired result — from technology to talent.

We have both a blueprint and a business platform for building the kind of future-proof tax function that helps you respond to demands, while also laying the groundwork for a transformed tax function fit for ongoing change.


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EY and Thomson Reuters alliance

EY’s new alliance with Thomson Reuters brings ONESOURCE tax technology to EY clients.


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