Photographic portrait of Olivier Mange
Nothing matters more than trust

Olivier Mange

Assurance Partner, Regional Leader Midland, Sector Leader Government and Public, Office Managing Partner Office Berne | EY Switzerland

As a trusted advisor in Assurance, he is leading our Midland Region (including Berne, Solothurn, Fribourg, Valais and Jura) and is passionate involved in the public sector.

Olivier started his career in EY 2003 in Zurich. He was working as an auditor for  various national and international clients and he was fulfilling an assignment in Munich during one year. He further was a member of our FAAS practice (Financial Accounting advisory services) for several years.

Olivier studied Business Administration and is a certified Auditor.

His spare time goes to his twin daughters and his wife, swimming, biking and hiking in summer and skiing in winter, if the busy season allows it. 

How Olivier is building a better working world

“My client’s need is driving my motivation. My motivation is driving my team. We want to build trust and therefore, I empower all team members to take ownership on each step they do. Trust and client centricity are key for a better working world. “

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