Is your business ready for Gen Z?

3 λεπτά 28 Μαϊ 2018

Generation Z is coming on fast with new attitudes and expectations of organizations that covet their business.

Gen Z vs. Millennials

Gen Z expects you to deliver

Even more than Millennials, Gen Z wants products delivered. In-store pickup is much less appealing than for any other generation. This makes grabbing and holding their attention more challenging.

Ambitious and uber-productive, Gen Z demands efficient and hassle-free processes when shopping, from beginning to end.

Gen Z vs. Millennials

Loyalty hard-won

Gen Z values money and saving money. But unlike Millennials, Gen Z cares little for traditional reward programs and special offers. The internet has enabled these self-directed deal seekers, and they’re used to getting what they want, with less hassle, at a good price.

Always wired in, Gen Z is accustomed to being highly informed. They use the internet for pre-purchase research more than any other generation.

Saving time and making the most of their money is a high priority — loyalty is not. Retailers are advised to demonstrate respect and loyalty before asking for it in return.

Gen Z vs. Millennials

Continual disruption

Generations are born from disruption, and disruptions are only going to come faster in a world of instant global communication and collaboration.

Brands not only need to give Gen Z shoppers what they want and how they want it. They also need to intuitively deliver on their evolving needs, allow them to be part of the solution and rapidly develop a relationship of mutual respect.


Businesses need to adopt a culture of innovation, where they seek to understand consumers and what drives them as human beings.

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