Campaign: Extraordinary Careers

This campaign features colleagues from Switzerland who have shared their career experiences, provided insights on the skills required for their roles and explained what make their jobs so exciting.

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Have you ever wondered how data science works or how is EY helping our clients with cyber security? And more importantly, who are these people helping our clients in Switzerland?

At EY, you can find diverse job opportunities - some of them are well-known, but the others seem a bit mysterious. And maybe you are also wondering what type of skillset should I have in order to work as a digital transformation leader? This campaign was created to showcase some of our many successful career stories from our colleagues. We hope these stories can be an inspiration for you to build your personalized career at EY as well!

EY-Campaign-Extraordinary-Careers: Alexander Graf

Alexander Graf gained experiences in both external and internal audit in Zurich and London. Besides having an extraordinary career path within EY, Alex has an extraordinary hobby, too: you can find him playing alpine horn in his free time.  

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EY_Campaign_Extraordinary_Careers: Katie Young

Katie Young, Manager in Business Consulting, used to work as a doctor specializing in trauma, reconstructive and plastic surgery. Now at EY she helps organizations and companies in healthcare so that quality care for patients is accessible to all

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Data Science: Esther van Laarhoven-Smits

Esther van Laarhoven-Smits leads the Data & Analytics Team within Technology Consulting at EY. She shares insights about her work, why she loves to make decisions using data and talks about the last 13 years at EY.

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EY-Campaign-Extraordinary-Careers: Carmen Sprus

Carmen Sprus, a co-founder of #EYCarbon Switzerland, project manager and PhD candidate reveals what drives her to work and why she decided to support the build-up of the EYCarbon Team.

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EY-Campaign-Extraordinary-Careers: Anela Koldzic

Anela Koldzic leads the Digital Transformation team of the Financial Services organisation at EY Switzerland. She reveals what is needed to have conversations with the biggest software providers and how to become a leader in digital transformation.

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EY-Campaign-Extraordinary-Careers: Janina Berga

Janina Berga shares how the global wavespace teams work closely together to help clients achieve their goals and why having an agile mindset helps her develop better wavespace experiences for our clients.

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EY-Campaign-Extraordinary-Careers: Isabelle Staiger

Isabelle Staiger, a Partner in People Advisory Services, shares with us her career story and explains why it is important to have both listening, and analytical skills.

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EY-Campaign-Extraordinary-Careers: Lauriane Py

Lauriane Py, a Manager in Assurance from our Lausanne office reveals that she had second thoughts right after she started in Assurance. Wondering why she stayed and where it has led her? Get inspired by her career story!

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EY-Campaign-Extraordinary-Careers: Stefanie Kunze

Stefanie Kunze, a Senior Manager in Turnaround and Restructuring Strategy at EY-Parthenon, talks about her transition between Service Lines and her current work.

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EY-Campaign-Extraordinary-Careers: Maria Pisa

Maria Pisà, a Director in Cyber Security, Digital Compliance and Data Protection describes herself to be a translator between business, IT, Legal, Risk Management and even regulators. Watch the video to discover why.

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EY-Campaign-Extraordinary-Careers: Joya Stadler

Joya Stadler, a Senior Manager in Assurance working in Basel office, highlights the importance of trust in her role, what motivates her at work and how important the feeling of belonging is to her.

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EY-Campaign-Extraordinary-Careers: Andrea Mau

Andrea Mau, a Team & Transformation Lead in Assurance, proves that acquiring new skills pays off. She used to work at the front office at a hotel and now she is leading her own team at EY and helping her colleagues advance their careers.

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Campaign: 2 Sides of the Same Coin

Are you interested to know more about our entrepreneurship spirit at EY? It is a value that we truly seek to uphold and live by. Did you know that we have several entrepreneurs and even active Swiss national athletes within EY Switzerland as well? #2SidesOfASameCoin. Watch these exciting stories and be inspired.

In addition to providing the best training and further education, EY also offers great career opportunities, enabling me to grow in the best possible way. I started as a Consultant and within nine years, I managed to perform and strive for a Senior Manager promotion. My goals were also not affected, after I started a family and work at an 80% capacity. When I decided to take a three-months sabbatical to pursue my interest in bodybuilding, personal training and coaching, my counsellors and team supported me and even helped me to market my coaching services to fellow colleagues.
Mundia Moola Büsser
Senior Manager, Consulting

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