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COVID-19 forced governments to digitize fast. By building on that progress, they can transform how they work and improve life for citizens.

Digital technologies have upturned the way we live, work and connect – and what citizens expect from government. Yet before COVID-19, few governments were harnessing their full potential.

The pandemic changed that by driving government services, processes and people online. With 5G rolling out globally, and technologies evolving constantly, governments need to build on that progress — fast.

That means asking questions like:

  • What does a truly digital-first workforce look like, and how does ours need to change?
  • How can the global rollout of 5G help us provide better, fairer public services? 
  • Can governments protect their own institutions and citizens from the growing risks of a connected world?
  • Can data and analytics help us improve outcomes in health and beyond – while keeping citizen data safe?

EY’s latest research and thinking will help governments find the answers — and reap the full rewards of digital transformation.

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