Photographic portrait of André Schaub
Trust forms the basis to turn change into progress. We help to build this trust by strengthening the financial reputation of our clients and respect the interests of their stakeholders

André Schaub

Managing Partner, Assurance | EY Switzerland

Is reliable and passionate about connecting people and developing talent. Drives hands-on innovation and is an active ally and supporter of EY’s diversity and gender equality agenda.

As Managing Partner Assurance and member of the Swiss Management Committee, André Schaub focuses on creating trust by strengthening the financial reputation of our clients and protecting the interest of their stakeholders.

Having over 20 years of experience in auditing and advising multinational and medium-sized companies in Switzerland and overseas, he has a deep understanding of the ongoing challenges and priorities, including the increasing convergence of shareholder and stakeholder value.

André Schaub runs the Digital Audit transformation, which aims to set new standards for data-driven auditing, combining cutting-edge technology, stakeholder focus and a commitment to quality. 

How André is building a better working world

“I believe that long-term value creation is at the heart of a better working world. It’s not just about long-term value for our clients but also our employees and society.

Long-term value creation is achieved when shareholder and stakeholder value converge and align to connect the short-term outlook of capital markets and the long-term vision of companies.

Through their daily work, our people create the trust required to align the interests of organizations and their stakeholders.

My personal focus is to develop and deploy these people by encouraging and promoting talent that demonstrate integrity, are enthusiastic and have the courage to do the right thing.”

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