Photographic Portrait of Iwan Zimmermann
As a leader, you have the privilege of being the supporter and encourager to your team. Challenge yourself continuously to become the best leader possible.

Iwan Zimmermann

Regional Leader and Head of Eastern Switzerland and Liechtenstein | Associate Partner, Audit Services | EY Switzerland

Purpose driven. Customer and solution oriented. Passionate about building the highest performing teams possible. Proud father. Loves summer, winter sports and spending time with his family.

As the Regional Leader of Eastern Switzerland Iwan develops existing and new client.  He empowers new partners and senior managers in the region. He is focused on internal and external networking and continues to involve other service lines as well as other countries.

As audit partner Iwan serves international audit clients, manages projects and has 10 years AQR Experience (EMEIA wide).

He is the chairman of the audit commission in Liechtenstein and a member of the Swiss GAAP-FER-Desk. Additionally, Iwan is a host and speaker at external and internal events (family office breakfast, CFO-Circle).

Iwan holds a degree in Business Administration and is a certified IFRS Accountant. He has extensive knowledge with international companies, of due diligence projects. Iwan has developed his proficiency in assessing and implementing internal control systems and has built exceptional client relationships during his long career. 

How Iwan is building a better working world

“I want to be a role model for my teams and encourage them to reach the highest level of performance possible. This means challenging myself every day.  I enjoy helping people build their careers. I focus on mobility; this means global exchange, other service lines and global delivery services penetration.”

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