Photographic portrait of Robin Errico
Keep trust and purpose at the heart of everything you do. This will motivate your people and drive innovation and inclusive long-term growth.

Robin Errico

Partner, CRO, Corporate Responsibility Board Chair, Diversity & Inclusion Leader | EY Switzerland

Self-motivated, purpose-driven. Inspiring inclusive leader who advocates people. Loves the mountains and spending time with her family.

Robin Errico is Chief Risk Officer and Management Committee member who also focuses on Public Policy. 

As audit partner she serves multinational US and Swiss listed companies and is responsible for the US Capital Markets in Switzerland. She successfully provides insights and delivers value to clients, focusing on accounting, capital market transactions and other transformational finance challenges.

In her role as Diversity & Inclusion Leader she promotes the importance of a diverse and inclusive culture as well as of inclusive leadership. 

Robin Errico is member of multiple EY internal councils including the Global Governance Council, Swiss Corporate Responsibility Board, various Ethics Committees as well as the Regional Innovation & Digital Council.

She has dual citizenship, American and Swiss. She is licensed US Certified Public Accountant and Swiss Registered Licensed Audit specialist.

How Robin is building a better working world

”My unique competence based on my different roles and responsibilities allows me to promote gender equality and inclusive behaviors. 

I support long-term value concepts and initiatives and their positive impact on businesses and society. I strongly encourage entrepreneurship and its innovation which contributes to making the world a better place.“

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