EY Nexus for Wealth and Asset Management

A transformative solution that helps Wealth and Asset Managers use a digitally enabled, scalable platform to design, develop and launch new products at the speed of opportunity.

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Discover EY Nexus for Wealth and Asset Management


EY Nexus for Wealth and Asset Management is a business transformation platform that accelerates innovation, unlocks value in ecosystems and powers frictionless customer experiences. It helps you push the boundaries of new ideas and services faster to meet your customers’ needs.


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Transforming wealth and asset management

EY Nexus features a constantly evolving suite of technology components that are quick to build and easy to adapt. These components fit seamlessly into existing systems and channels to address key customer needs. You can also evolve your products and services using the core EY Nexus platform, which is a versatile, cloud-ready framework with ready-to-use building blocks of technology assets that sits within a curated partner ecosystem.

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360° view of the customer

Using an interoperability layer, EY Nexus can aggregate siloed data on a single platform. With a 360° view of their clients, wealth managers can embrace inherent complexities, connect the dots, and contextualize advice to provide highly tailored recommendations.

Enhanced trading

Access to a comprehensive dashboard that is updated in near real-time, financial advisors can quickly see when customers are missing their personal investment targets and adjust their portfolios accordingly.

Accelerating transformation and speed

Complex legacy IT infrastructure is costly to maintain and prevents clients from connecting their ecosystem of purchased and built products and platforms. Leveraging EY Nexus’s capabilities for new product development can potentially reduce time to market by 20-40%, significantly increasing the pace of innovation.

Frictionless advisor experience

Advisors can seamlessly perform functions without having to enter data in multiple capability applications. EY Nexus enables bi-directional data flow so that prospect information can update from the CRM into the advisor desktop and financial planning applications.

Unified wealth data model

The platform gives advisors real-time access to holistic data across the various applications they use and help enables them to provide value-added services to their clients. 

A group discusses project

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