How can bold action elevate your sustainability strategy to the next level?

How can bold action elevate your sustainability strategy to the next level?

Pressing environmental concerns mandate immediate and systemic action from businesses for a positive, thriving future, making sustainability everybody's business. However, in this journey, companies often face substantial challenges, in navigating both regulatory compliance and business transformation.

The complexity of the evolving regulatory landscape demands an ongoing adaptation to changing rules and regulations. This includes an extensive understanding of the scope and implications of regulations such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). By actively navigating these complexities, companies can forge a transformative path toward sustainability without sacrificing valuable time.

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The future of sustainability is bold — enriched with bold ideas, anchored in people, driven by technology and compliant both today and tomorrow.

To bring this vision to life, sustainability leaders must challenge norms, question existing paradigms, and prioritize sustainability and wellbeing in their transformative efforts. This path envisions new business models, revolutionary energy systems and innovative revenue streams, where the aim is ambitious: to create decarbonized, resource-efficient and just economies, fostering an environment where people and the planet can thrive, not just survive.


How to prepare for the new era of ESG reporting according to CSRD

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EY teams aim to embrace the bold future alongside our clients and together with our alliance partners. It's about proactive action over reactive adaptation.

Sustainability is a shared commitment, and our vision involves shaping a more promising business landscape. The EY organization has heavily invested in services, solutions, technology and people to help companies develop and implement more sustainable ways. Wherever your company is on its sustainability journey, our experience and knowledge can help you take your transformation to the next level of value creation.

Our approach to creating a more sustainable future

EY teams help organizations throughout their sustainability journey across four key areas. We call this value-led sustainability: a way of protecting and creating new sources of value — for business, people, society and the world as a whole.

Reframe strategy

We assist clients in creating a strategy that helps enable sustainability to deliver long-term value for shareholders and wider stakeholders. Through this, clients understand the opportunities for competitive advantage and the journey to get there.

Accelerate transition

We help clients implement their sustainability strategy, ambitions and targets, executing change projects across the value chain and delivering the underlying business case that includes financial, sustainability and ESG metrics.

Govern and operate

We help clients embed and adapt their governance so that the value created by their competitive advantage sustains over the long term. EY teams also assist clients to operate more effectively and efficiently in order to meet internal and external stakeholder demands.

Build trust

We facilitate clients in sharing a compelling view of their progress against stated goals and report or assure impact of their sustainability and ESG initiatives. This lets clients build trust with key stakeholders, regulators and investors — and consequently, meet their evolving demands.

Join us in seizing the opportunity and embarking on this transformative journey.


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