Innovation Realized

Innovation Realized ‘22

It’s never been more vital to question the status-quo and be able to realize the boldest ambitions.

When opportunities are everywhere – and seizing them is everything – there’s an incalculable value to the interplay of ideas and experience that happens only when we come together and challenge ourselves to reframe our thinking.

Innovation Realized aims to disrupt business-as-usual thinking. Equal parts exploration and execution, every facet of the program is designed to unlock creative collaboration and unexpected ideas.

Find the answers you know you need and discover the questions you didn’t know you had.

    Innovation Realized highlights

    Discover highlights, interviews and discussions from the 2022 summit in Chicago.

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    About the summit

    Hosted in Chicago on 26-27 April 2022, this global summit is an intimate, immersive peer-to-peer invitation only event for C-suite leaders focused on the intersection of strategy, technology and transformation.

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