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Blockchain is a decentralized ledger of each transaction that occurs across a network, which enables the decentralized exchange of trusted data and digital assets. The future of doing business will be through tokens and smart contracts, enabled by blockchain.

What EY can do for you

The future of doing business will be through tokens and smart contracts, enabled by blockchain. EY has a clear vision and strategy for how blockchain is digitalizing and integrating supply chains by knitting together business operations and finance at the ecosystem level.

EY can help you with the complete business lifecycle from contracting, ordering, fulfilling, invoicing, to payments. You can do business on a blockchain with EY OpsChain and then get insight into what happened with EY Blockchain Analyzer. EY also knows how to manage the tax and audit requirements for blockchain-based transactions. Working with EY, companies can be confident about getting the benefits of this new technology while handling the regulatory and tax complexities of an emerging ecosystem.

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EY also offer consulting services to help companies as they embark on their blockchain journey. EY have worked hand in hand with our clients over the past number of years to support them on their blockchain journey. From ideation sessions, to proofs of concept right through to production, EY have experience across all types of blockchain engagements.

EY can help you with:

  • Education: Educating your teams on the latest blockchain innovation and what this means for your company
  • Use Case Assessment: Assist in identifying and prioritizing use cases which make sense for your current environment
  • Proof of Value: Helping you to build blockchain solutions which prove value and longevity for the solutions
  • Future Proofing: Help to build internal capability within your Organisation to scale your blockchain operations in the longer term

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