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Featured Six drivers for successful business transformation 8 Aug 2022
Six drivers for successful business transformation

    Mergers and acquisitions

    How Ireland’s deal activity shows promise of remaining robust

    In this video, we take a look at Ireland’s deals and transactions landscape and talk about why deal volumes are likely to stay strong.

    22 Jul 2022 Graham Reid


    How cloud strategy can be the silver lining to data centricity

    Organisations need to overcome leadership, technical, and financial constraints as they seek to unlock the value of data centricity.

    8 Jun 2022 John Ward

    Why tax functions should play a central role in reshaping supply chains

    The switch to more sustainable business models and supply chains will provide for products and services which will have new value but also, potentially, different tax implications.

    13 Jun 2022 Deirdre Hogan

    How pandemic impacts are affecting the Irish claims & disputes landscape

    This EY Forensic & Integrity Services survey explores how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the Irish claims and dispute resolution landscape, and what legal professionals expect as time goes on.

    10 Jun 2022 Simon Rattigan


    Why the future of real estate is written in green

    With an ever-increasing focus on sustainability and the green transition, commercial real estate operators are modifying business models to include refurbishment projects to futureproof income streams and attractiveness to potential tenants.

    10 Jun 2022 Michael Armstrong

    How Ireland’s attractiveness is bolstering FDI performance

    In spite of headwinds generated by inflation, geopolitics, uncertainty around global tax reform, findings from the EY European Attractiveness Survey show that Ireland continues to punch above its weight in attracting foreign direct investment.

    31 May 2022 Feargal de Freine

    How Irish businesses can reduce tax risk by moving to multi-hub models

    As organisations are forced to reshape their upended supply chains, they must be aware of the tax consequences as they shift substance across jurisdictions.

    9 May 2022 Deirdre Hogan


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