EY Ireland Societal Impact Report 2022: Society, Prosperity and Planet

The EY Societal Impact report is the first of its kind for EY Ireland, and measures how we generate societal value for our people, our clients and our wider community and environment.

Creating long-term value for our stakeholders is central to our vision, Building a better working world, but what does this mean? For EY, it means developing solutions that help clients deliver better outcomes, investing in our people, and giving back to the communities in which we live and work. Measuring and reporting on progress beyond financial targets is an important way for us to hold ourselves accountable to these commitments.

Our societal strategy focuses on three pillars, Society, Prosperity and Planet, each of which is underpinned by a need for robust governance. As a people-led business, Society is a key area of focus where we believe we can create additional value.

As we grow, we are committed to ensuring that we continue to deliver more than just financial value for our stakeholders. We hope this report will help our stakeholders to have an even deeper understanding of our work at EY. 

Key highlights

  • EY achieved ambition of becoming carbon negative in 2021, and is on track to reach net zero target in 2025
  • €3.1 million spent on coaching and learning opportunities for EY colleagues
  • Six graduates from Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities now employed at EY
  • Twenty-three participants in EY Refugee Access Programme now employed at EY
  • In FY22, €340k raised for charity, including €35k for our charity partner Irish Cancer Society
  • 25th anniversary of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year programme. Alumni comprised of 580+ entrepreneurs who collectively employ 170k people on the island of Ireland
  • Women make up 41% of new partner intake of EY in July 2022
  • We directly employ 4,208 people across all regions on the island, and support an additional 1,872 jobs in the wider economy. 
  • Investing in social equity - 80% of our people completed inclusive leadership training last year

Our value pillars

Is society today our biggest stakeholder?
Is society today our biggest stakeholder?

Our Society contribution is investing in our people and our local communities. Creating a sense of belonging where people feel culturally and socially accepted, and are paid and treated equally.

How can you make today count and still be accountable for tomorrow?

Our Prosperity contribution is driving economic prosperity through employment, helping our clients to solve their problems, supporting productivity, initiating economic activity, and investing in entrepreneurs and innovation to unlock economic opportunities.

How can you make today count and still be accountable for tomorrow?
Prepare for tomorrow's climate today
How can you prepare for tomorrow’s climate today?

Our Planet contribution is reducing our carbon emissions, including across our supply chain, supporting clients with decarbonisation solutions and contributing to the development of nature-based solutions.

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EY Ireland’s Societal Impact report examines how we are working to create long-term value for a wide range of stakeholders including clients, our people, our suppliers and the communities we serve.

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EY is committed to making business work for sustainability and making sustainability work for business.

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