Transparency Report 2022

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As we adjust to the changes brought about by the pandemic, the ongoing challenges that face us with regards to the cost of living, and the changing nature of the working landscape, our EY purpose of Building a Better Working World remains as important as ever. It acts as our north star which guides us as we work with clients on some of the most important projects and initiatives across the island of Ireland.

In our 2022 Transparency Report you are welcome to read about those important projects and how we are supporting our people and clients, adapting to a changing market and investing in not only our core areas of business but also in new areas of growth such as strategy, sustainability, technology and data.

Maintaining a relentless focus on audit quality is a key imperative at EY and central to all our decision-making. We have invested in technology that ensures we deliver the highest quality audits and we engage proactively and positively with our regulators on a frequent basis.

As we grow, we are committed to ensuring that we continue to deliver more than just financial value for our stakeholders. This year we’ve published our first annual Societal Impact report which highlights the value created for our people, our clients and society. We hope it will help our stakeholders to have an even deeper understanding of our work at EY.

Transparency report 2022

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EY Ireland Societal Impact Report 2022


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