Transparency Report 2021

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While COVID-19 has made fundamental changes to how and where we live, work and do business, it has also demonstrated the power of business and society to come together to tackle a common goal.

As a firm, we too have changed – adapting to the changing needs and circumstances of our people, our clients and our communities. We will continue to evolve as change becomes the norm, as new trends in consumer behaviour emerge, business models shift, and opportunities are revealed that allow businesses and communities to transform.

The foundation of all our work at EY Ireland is our purpose, Building a Better Working World.  It guides us as we support our clients to tackle some of their biggest and most complex problems as they continue to face a volatile marketplace.

Building and maintaining trust and preserving audit quality is paramount and we continue to develop and build upon firm-wide initiatives that consistently drive audit quality and maintain open and transparent dialogue with regulators.

In our 2021 Transparency Report you can read about how we are supporting our people and clients, adapting to a changing market and serving the communities in which we operate.

The importance of trust and communicating transparently with our stakeholders is a principle that guides all our actions at EY.

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