The EY Refugee Access Programme

The EY Refugee Access Programme is an immersive mentoring and upskilling virtual diversity, equity and inclusion initiative that seeks to break down barriers to access and opportunity in employment.


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Application link closing on the 16 Jan 2023.

What is the EY Refugee Access Programme?

The EY Refugee Access Programme (RAP) runs virtually over 12 weeks (March-May) and covers the core skills needed in a professional environment. This programme serves to provide equitable support to understand how EY operates. It is an opportunity to develop your knowledge, earn EY learning accreditations and to build your professional network. After successful completion of the RAP participants will progress onto the EY Summer Internship Programme [SIP](June-August), our paid work experience programme where you will continue to receive quality hands-on training that has real- world application. Read more on the SIP here. Before filling out your application form please explore the various EY service lines here.

What will the application process look like?

The application link will open on the 20th December 2022 and close on the 16th January 2023. Applicants will be reviewed and shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview in February for the EY Summer Internship Programme. Successful interviewees will then commence the RAP in March 2023.

RAP timeline

What can you expect from the EY Refugee Access Programme?

During the programme participants are given an EY support network consisting of a Counsellor, Culture Connector, and Thought Leadership Mentor. Participants are also provided with an EY laptop.

Over the course of 12 weeks participants are invited to weekly one day virtual workshops facilitated by EY experts across multiple service lines and given access to internal EY learning systems in order to complete self-guided learning and achieve EY accreditations. To demonstrate the application of the learning objectives participants are required to complete a Thought Leadership presentation to a panel of EY professionals. 

After successful completion of the RAP participants will progress onto the SIP.

The history of the programme

This programme was launched in 2021 and we have since had 23 participants. 87% of whom have continued employment with EY. Please read below the impact statements from some of the 2022 programme participants.

Participant impact statements

‘I’m so delighted to share that this program positively impacted my life as it helped to build my self-confidence and it gave me an opportunity to do my internship which has given me lots of knowledge of how the corporate world. The patience of all volunteers, counsellors and mentors assigned to teach and support us, has made a huge impact in my life as I have learned a lot and gained lots of experience in my area of study. I work with a team that includes me in all they do and this makes me feel included and belongingness which is one of the things that defines EY.’

‘My experience of the Refugee Access Programme was life changing. I went into the programme with low self-esteem and no confidence. As we worked through the various activities, I regained my confidence and I started to believe in myself again. The RAP programme truly changed my life. I enjoyed the journey of self-discovery and the internship after. I hope more people will give it a chance and kick-start their careers.’

‘My RAP experience at EY has been a great journey overall. With lots of learning and meeting people from different departments sharing their experiences and motivating me to keep going, learning how to draft Thought Leadership project and work as a team. I would say it has been quite a journey for growth, and continuous growth. As they say, “hang in there”, and I have never looked back ever since.’

‘It was an amazing experience and I got to know different people and cultures, I would say it has been a journey full of joy’

‘This programme means a lot for me because it has helped me to showcase my skills and abilities. Special thanks to EY for opening professional doors for us’

‘It was always my dream to work for a big cooperate company, when I came to Ireland I had already shelfed that dream because most migrants go to health. I was really happy to be part of this program, because it gave me an opportunity to grow and to learn. I keep learning every day and the experience that I am getting is massive’

‘It gave me the platform to the corporate world in Ireland. It served as a cornerstone for career change and a chance to explore my potential and skillset. The opportunity to network people from different levels within the organisation restored confidence levels I had lost and my counsellor helped me deal with the impostor syndrome and realise that I had it in me. The Thought Leadership exercises gave me the opportunity to research and learn about the impact of climate change and its disastrous effect on every part of the world. Above all, the opportunity to work for one of the Big Fours is unbelievable!’

‘EY RAP helped me to boost my quest towards fulfilling my career plan. It’s a platform that I would encourage one to apply as it offers many opportunities like networking, learning and career growth. Last but not least, it is coordinated by wonderful team whose open door policy and ready to help attitude is commendable’

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