alex manek
The power of data analytics is proving to be essential in all sectors in offering game-changing insights into both new and established business problems.

Alex Manek

EY Ireland Data Analytics Director

Technical knowledge owner. Ability to present complex subjects in a simple way. Innovative way of thinking.

Areas of focus Forensics Digital
Office Dublin, IE

As Data Analytics Director at EY Ireland, Alex develops and helps implement business analytical strategies to drive cost efficiencies and business advantage in public and private sector organisations.

An accomplished consultant and solutions architect, Alex has over 25 years of IT transformational change experience in government, commercial and telecommunications sectors. He designs, leads and puts into effect large-scale, high-value business, technology, outsourcing and service operations projects.

Before joining EY, Alex was with a leading analytics firm as part of their Business Advisory team, working closely with C-suite and other clients to accelerate their adoption of data integration and analytics. ​

Alex graduated in Physics and Mathematics from University College Dublin.

How Alex is building a better working world

“With a massive drive towards the adoption of data analytics across many industries, I help organisations take a sustained approach to tackling analytics problems. I am deeply involved in educating organisations to avail of the massive potential of analytics to solve the problems impacting their people, processes and clients. This is how I mostly contribute to building a better working world.”

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