Helena O'Dwyer
I believe as a strategist, our goal is to help companies thrive in a future where flexibility and nimbleness are a must.

Helena O’Dwyer

EY Ireland Associate Partner Head of Strategy EY Parthenon

A strategy consultant. Focussed on business transformation and cutting edge innovation for the now, next and beyond.

Helena is an Associate Partner and is the Ireland EY Parthenon Strategy Leader. An experienced strategy consultant who supports clients across many different industries on all elements of corporate, growth and diversification strategies, digital strategy, go to market strategy and all elements of Strategy, Realised.

Prior to joining EY Ireland, she spent 20 years in senior roles in two professional services companies focused on supporting clients on their strategy and operational changes. She is also an active Diversity and Inclusion leader and mentor and is passionate about the progression of D&I in Ireland.

Helena is focused on enabling disruptive growth, sustainable improvement strategies, and technologies that impact specific industries.

How Helena is building a better working world

“As a senior advisor, I help my clients develop sustainable strategies that drive long term value. By fostering a diverse and inclusive working environment with clients and teams, I try to demonstrate my view of a better working world.”

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