Michael Johnson
CFO’s are increasingly required to navigate unchartered territory whilst undergoing continuous transformation of the finance function.

Michael Johnson

EY Ireland Partner; Head of Accounting Compliance and Reporting

ACR lead for Ireland and trusted business advisor.

Michael Johnson is a Partner based in Dublin and the Irish firm’s leader for Accounting Compliance and Reporting. 

He focuses on helping clients meet their financial accounting and compliance requirements. This typically involves a fully outsourced end-to-end solution including corporate compliance, bookkeeping and financial management, payroll and statutory reporting.  

He has worked on numerous business transformations and delivery of outsourced finance and business processes, transitioning in-house financial processes to an outsourced record to report model.

Michael joined EY in 2001 and has 19 years of financial accounting and compliance experience across a vast array of industries.

Michael is a fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland.

How Michael is building a better working world

“I lead the EY Accounting Compliance and Reporting team. My goal is to help companies find a solution to their financial reporting needs that not only improves efficiencies and controls costs but allows management to focus on adding value to their business.”

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