Dan Matsuda
We are committed to strengthening the capability of our firm to support clients who are making a social contribution to achieve a sustainable world.

Dan Matsuda

EY Japan Law Leader; Managing Partner, EY Law Co.

As the leader of our legal services practice, provides global solutions to a diverse and international body of EY clients. An avid equestrian show jumper in his free time. Father of three daughters.

As a legal professional at EY Law Co., Dan Matsuda advises Japanese and international clients on organizational restructuring and cross-border M&A. Making full use of EY Law’s global network, he assumes the role of controller to maximize the efficiency of the legal services he provides on a global scale.

Before joining EY Law Co. as a Partner in April 2022, he worked for Japanese law firms in both Tokyo and New York and then as a partner at two major international law firms. He is looking to further expand EY Law’s capacity in the Japanese market and take on a more extensive role as a global network member.

Dan received his LLB from the Waseda University School of Law in 1996 and obtained an LLM at the University of Virginia School of Law in 2004.

How Dan is building a better working world

The contributions legal professionals make in cultivating a society which values sustainable business activities and diversity are merely expressions of the unwavering purpose of lawyers and law firms – the implementation of the rule of law.
Legal services play an integral part in our initiatives to resolve the challenges of EY client businesses worldwide and provide solutions through compelling one-stop-shop services, and I am committed to fulfilling the functions necessary for building a better working world. I put this commitment into practice by building and mobilizing a team of exceptional, globally competitive individuals who embody People Value, and equipping them with the means to collectively leverage Team Value and provide our clients with globally competitive services.

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